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Re:      Holiday Pricing Policy 2015


PEET Dryer has a long-standing M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price) policy

This policy has helped our loyal customers to advertise PEET product, and maintain margin dollars in a competitive and active retail market. Peet Shoe Dryer is also aware of the need to promote brands, and products during core holiday /gift giving seasons. Our M.A.P. policy allows Authorized Peet Dealers to advertise Peet Dryer branded products up to 25% off our posted minimum advertised price during:

Holiday Time Frame: November 18, 2015 thru January 31, 2016.

Peet Dryer reserves the right to discontinue shipping to any retailer who does not follow PEET printed Minimum Advertised Pricing (M.A.P.) polices.


Advertising Guidelines


  • Logos and product images for use in advertisements can be downloaded from the Image Library.
  • Please follow size guidelines found in the logomark files.
  • Do not crowd the logo — leave a margin around the logo equal to at least the height of the logo
  • Do not place the logo on a very complex or busy background, or one that is of a color that does not provide enough contrast for the logo to be clearly distinguished.


Copy may be picked up from the Product pages on the PEET Web site.

Trademark Attributions

  • The name “PEET” must always be followed with an “®” (registered trademark attribution).
  • DryPort” and “DryPorts” must always be followed with a “™” (trademark attribution).
  • The following copy must appear within advertisements incorporating the PEET logomark, PEET Dryer name and PEET product images:
    PEET and the PEET Dryer logo are registered trademarks of PEET Shoe Dryer, Inc.
  • The following copy must appear within advertisements incorporating DryPorts:
    DryPort and DryPorts are trademarks of PEET Shoe Dryer, Inc.


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

We have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) on all of our products, as listed below.

Original PEET
M97   $39.99

Wader PEET
M97WM   $59.99

Propane PEET
P2000   $89.99

Advantage PEET
M07   $79.99

Multi PEET
M06   $79.99

M04   $39.99

SafeKeeping PEET
M10   $29.99

Hydration PEET
M09   $29.99

PowerSport PEET
M06-ATV   $89.99

Ultra Dryer & Deodorizer PEET
M0803   $39.99

Odor Eliminator PEET
M14   $69.99

D'Odoriz'r PEET
M1503   $59.99

Helmet Dryport PEET
HDP   $14.99

Children's Dryport PEET
CDP   $14.99

Mitten Dryport PEET
MDP   $14.99

Glove Dryport PEET
GDP-B   $14.99

12" Dryport Extension PEET
H2-B   $9.99


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