PEET Dryer Dealer Support - Marketing


We invest substantially in marketing programs that continually build PEET brand and product awareness to increase your sales profitability. There are various marketing programs — such as packaging, point-of-purchase, visual materials, endorsements, promotions, and publicity — that work together in harmony to help you best sell-through PEET products.


We all know that the packaging a dryer comes in is a major purchase influencer in your stores. We are using visually stunning packaging that’s packed with important reasons to buy PEET Dryers. You’ll sell more dryers with greater sell-through than ever. (Click to enlarge.)


Package Side
Exposes more to buy…
There are PEET Dryers for drying whatever, wherever for whomever

Package Front
Explains why to buy…
Gives the benefits with an illustration
that shows the product working

Package Side
Shows more to dry…
Incremental sales from
add-ons that dry other gear

M97-FSB Field Sport Box 

M97-FSB Field Sport Box 

P2000: Propane PEET®

M06-ATV PowerSport PEET®

M10: SafeKeeping PEET®

M04: Go! PEET®

GDP-B: Glove DryPorts

HDP: Helmet DryPort

H2: 12-inch Extensions


PEET Website

More than ever before, today’s consumers are going to the Internet to get information before they buy a product. Its importance is why we’ve invested in our Web site to make it as rewarding to visit as possible. The viewer can get as much information as they desire — and then some! The site thoroughly explains WHO needs a PEET Dryer, WHAT PEET Dryers do and HOW they do it, WHY everyone needs a PEET Dryer, and WHERE consumers can get PEET Dryers.

All of this is working to pre-sell the consumer, before they set foot in your store, click on your site or thumb through your catalog.

The site then works to direct them to you, to buy PEET Products…



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