Our Mission

PEET is the specialist in safely and efficiently drying footwear, handwear and protective headwear for men, women and children. Our experienced craftsmanship combines with innovation to create PEET products that are highly effective at removing wetness, contaminants and odor from next-to-skin attire. Our products promise that you’ll begin every day in PEET® Dry comfort—a benefit that feels superb and contributes to healthy skin. Our future is driven by a motivation to never stop improving.

Our Values:

Respect: We treat others as we want to be treated.

Dedication to helping customers and consumers:  We strive to understand needs and build enduring relationships characterized by each experience being even better than the one before.

High standards of business integrity: We know that trust is earned by being honest and ethical.

Responsibility: We believe in being accountable for our actions and obligations.

Innovation: We’ll never stop searching for ways to make our products more useful and beneficial.

The PEET Product Principles

As important today as it was when founder Gene Peet started the business in 1968, are four simple, essential guidelines that any product bearing the PEET name must fulfill:

  1. It solves a problem
  2. It performs as promised
  3. It’s made well so it lasts
  4. It exceeds expectations

What began 40 years ago in the idyllic outdoor environment of St. Maries, Idaho has spread across America and countries throughout the world. Millions of loyal users enjoy waking up to the special kind of soothing comfort that PEET® Dryers provide.

Times change… today there are far more humans who deserve PEET Dry than ever before! We’re working hard to get it to them — adding PEET products that address today’s active lifestyles. We’re very grateful to our loyal following and aim to increase its ranks... PEET owners know first hand that:  Once you’ve used a PEET Dryer, you never go back to life without it!

So what about the next 40 years? Well times will continue to change, but there will always be one constant… The PEET Principles ensure that our products will always perform to the highest level. PEET Dryers will continue to make your life a whole lot more comfortable.


The Original PEET® Dryer — still our best-selling model — dries gear naturally, with gentle, thermal convection.
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