Why PEET® Dry? Why not?! It makes you more comfortable, healthier, eliminates odor, extends the life of your footwear and gear… Don’t you deserve PEET Dry?

The Authentic, The Original, PEET DRYER

“Over 30 years ago, I ‘stole’ my Dad’s PEET Dryer… It’s still working great to this day!”

Jacksonville, FL

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Why PEET Dry?

There’s dry, and then there’s PEET Dry — a special kind of dry. Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t go back to life without it...

PEET Dry is Comfortable…

If you’ve ever struggled to pull on damp or still-wet boots, shoes or sneakers before heading out, then squished your way through work, a walk, athletics or some activity that’s supposed to be fun, then you know just how UN-comfortable wet footwear can be. Instead, simply mounting your footwear (or other gear) on your PEET Dryer the night before means waking up to cozy, warm PEET Dry comfort in the morning.

PEET Dry is Healthier…

Dry footwear is healthier for feet. Even if you avoid walking in water or getting caught in the rain, sweat glands in your feet produce over eight ounces of sweat per day! Studies have shown that damp footgear causes blisters and is an ideal environment for fungus growth that results in foot irritations (like athlete’s foot). It can also encourage staph infections and harbor other germs.

PEET Dry Eliminates Odor…

It removes perspiration and bacteria and, along with them, the odors they cause. Good for you…good for those who live with you!

PEET Dry Extends the Life of your Gear…

Thermal convection technology is the premise behind PEET Dryers. Ambient air is warmed slightly so it naturally rises (think hot air balloon). But PEET Dry air never gets “hot” so it doesn’t damage what it dries. Instead, it attacks contaminants like mold and mildew that cause the materials from which your expensive footwear and gear are made to deteriorate before they should (costing you money!)

PEET Dry is Guaranteed…

We set standards for our dryers beyond what others are willing to promise. Every PEET Dryer comes with our assurance that it will last — beginning with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and, in the case of the made in U.S.A. models they carry an unheard of 25 year PEET Dry warranty. All PEET Dryers and accessories — PEET® DryPorts and Extensions — carry a generous PEET Dry Warranty.

PEET Dry is Ideal for a Variety of Materials…

Effectively dries leather, canvas, rubber, cloth, nylon, and all modern materials — without damaging them.

PEET Dry is Completely Silent* and Safe

Plug it in and leave it to do its job in silence. The PEET Dryer never gets hot or blows hot air.

The fan assisted Advantage PEET® Dryer has a “whisper quiet” motor and an option to heat the air it circulates.

PEET Dry is Energy-Efficient…

The technology behind our drying power requires very little “fuel”. For example the Original PEET® Dryer draws less power than a 40-watt light bulb.

The Original PEET® Dryer — still our best-selling model — dries gear naturally, with gentle, thermal convection.
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