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Inventor of the footwear dryer takes on the nuisance of foot odor.

PEET’s reason-for-being in the consumers life is being a remedy. Specifically, it fixes the problem of the discomfort of wetness in their footwear, and the costliness of premature deterioration it causes.

In addition to drying nature’s wetness, PEET dryers also effectively deal with the internal wetness cause by the perspiration of active feet. In the process, it “neutralizes” foot odor by drying it, so bacteria – the real culprit behind the foot odor – has limited time to ingest and secrete it as the obnoxious, putrid odor it becomes.

For fall 2015, PEET introduces yet another remedy – two products that use molecular science to destroy odor-causing contaminants in footwear.

Both use strictly controlled ozone (O³) molecules that penetrate odor and pollution molecules, destroying them by altering their chemical make-up. Odor isn’t covered up – it’s destroyed.

PEET Dryer

A product designed for the hiker in mind, these are twin dryers and deodorizers that easily fit into any pair of hiking boots after a day’s journey in nature’s beauty.

In addition to drying nature’s wetness and sweat, its O³ science destroys odor molecules

Your customer wakes up to dry, fresh boots to start day two’s adventure the best way possible.

MSRP: $49.99

PEET’s most powerful odor eliminating product. It’s also the most versatile. It can be operated in 3 distinct ways to overpower odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

3WAY Usability:

  1. Inserted into boots, shoes, cleats and skates
  2. Attached to several PEET Dryer models to add odorless to driest.
  3. Stand alone feature for deodorizing small room areas.

MSRP: $69.99

Blair Peet, President, and son of founder Gene Peet: “When my father invented PEET Dryness, he solved the problem of soggy, uncomfortable footwear. Now PEET Odorless solves the foot odor problem. This combination allows people to start out their day in dry, fresh comfort like never before.”


Scientific odor elimination in footwear, that goes beyond others…

Foot sweat – and the nasty odors associated with it – are familiar to almost everybody. One of the most perspiring parts of the body, each foot has a quarter million sweat glands producing a lot of sweat every day. Bacteria on the skin are attracted to sweat that then feeds on it. The waste it excretes causes the unpleasant odor.

This sweat and odor accumulates, and if not addressed, goes to odiferous heights of mass proportion. Unpleasant smell becomes “can’t live with it” stench. Deodorizing insoles, a mess of sprays and powders – even home baking soda concoctions are tried.

Now there’s a solution called the PEET D’ODORIZ’R MODULE (PDM) that doesn’t try to cover up odors – it destroys them.

PEET Dryer

Destroys odors scientifically.

Utilizing strictly controlled molecular science, the PDM takes normal oxygen molecules (O²) and gives them a small, but powerful, electrical charge. This temporarily creates oxidizing ozone (O³) molecules. When they come in contact with odor and pollution molecules, the O³ penetrates them. This destroys these bad molecules by altering their chemical make-up. Odor isn’t covered up – it’s abolished

  • Long-term, dependable odor elimination. The patent-pending PDM emitters can simply be periodically removed, cleaned or replaced, for ongoing peak performance.
  • Odor elimination in many places: boots, shoes, skates, cleats and small room areas
  • Fits PEET Dryer models for double-duty results… the driest and most odor-free footwear
  • Energy-efficient – Uses less power (4 watts) than a common night light
  • Quiet and safe – meets EPA and OSHA ozone standards
  • MSRP: $69.99

What makes PDM ozone odor elimination different from others?

Ozone is well-known for its ability to destroy bacteria, germs, mold and mildew. Over time there is a dust and carbon build-up on the ozone emitters that impairs effectiveness. The PDM is designed to allow easy periodic cleaning (or replacement) of these patent-pending emitters. They continue to destroy contaminants long after other ozone emitters stop being effective.

Andy Kennelly, VP Sales and Marketing:
“We have always gotten a lot of letters from happy customers. The second most frequent thing written about is how pleasantly surprised they were that their foul-smelling boots no longer ‘cleared the room.’ It just made sense for PEET to offer products that took odor even more powerfully.”


PEET  Packaging

PEETS Packaging is as good at attracting the eye as PEET Dryers are at drying. Our new packaging is not only attractive, it was designed to be much more helpful to the consumer at the point-of-sale. Every box is educational — clearly stating product features and benefits. They also illustrate how PEET Dry works, while showing other PEET Dryer models for various consumer uses.

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