PEET Footwear DryPorts and PeeWee PEET Footwear DryPorts

Patented PEET® Footwear DryPorts clearly differentiate the original, authentic PEET Dryer from imitations!

  • Engineered to channel and circulate warm air for thorough drying
  • Attaches easily to the AirChambers on most PEET Dryer models

You may notice that some of our competitors’ dryers don’t have anything like a PEET DryPort — they end in a tube that simply blows hot air in one direction, possibly over-drying some areas and potentially causing damage. PEET Footwear DryPorts have been engineered to deliver the perfect airflow for drying shoes and boots safely and evenly, thereby preserving your valuable investment.

Need to replace the Footwear DryPorts on a PEET Dryer that you’ve had for years? Or, if you want to dry your toddler’s footwear on your PEET Dryer, then you need PeeWee PEET Footwear DryPorts — they fit most PEET Dryer models, too (see list below).

Please don’t try to dry your valuable footwear on AirChambers without DryPorts! It may damage your dryer or your footwear and void your warranty.

PEET Footwear DryPort Benefits:

  • Unlike imitators, patented PEET Footwear DryPorts direct airflow for optimum efficiency
  • Safely channel air for even drying
  • Extend the life of your footwear

Adult Size Model No.: M97 FTPC

Child Size Model No.: CDP
Warranty: 2 years [Click to learn more…]
Fits: Original, Propane, Multi, Wader and Advantage PEET Dryers
Made in USA

Why not get your toddler a PEET Dryer of his/her very own?

We make the PeeWee PEET® Dryer to handle footwear for a child up to 8-years old. [Learn more…]

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