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PeeWee PEET Dryer

The PeeWee PEET® Dryer is ideal for toddler-sized footwear, to assure your child’s comfort and health.

  • Patented PEET® DryPorts circulate air for thorough drying
  • Gentle, thermal convection rises through AirChambers to dry footwear naturally
  • Safe, silent operation

Everyone in the family — no matter how young — enjoys waking up to the comfort of PEET Dry footwear. For toddlers who manage to find every puddle to splash in, the PeeWee PEET Dryer makes good common sense. But even if your child’s footwear is just subjected to muggy days of summer heat, the dampness caused by humidity and perspiration can create a perfect place for bacteria and mildew to take hold. PEET Dry eliminates contaminants that can cause odor, skin irritation and the deterioration of materials. Doesn’t your child deserve PEET Dry?

PeeWee PEET Dryer Benefits:

  • Eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
  • Removes contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials
  • Extends the life of footwear and gear
  • Is ideal for all types of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics
  • Assures safe, completely silent operation

Model No.: PWEE2
Warranty: 25 years [Click to learn more…]
Power: 36 watts, 110-120 volt U.S. household current
Made in USA



As your child grows beyond the PeeWee PEET years…

Advantage PEET Dryer

…You may want to consider moving up to the Advantage PEET® Dryer. [Learn more…]

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