“Over 30 years ago, I ‘stole’ my Dad’s PEET Dryer… It’s still working great to this day!”

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Many companies pay lip service, saying that they have good customer service. To us, customer service isn’t good until you’re actually performing it. We deliver on that. Doesn’t make much sense to us to mistreat the most important person we deal with — YOU.

You’re always welcome to contact us your questions and concerns, but you might also want to check out the following useful information and handy links, here on our Web site:

Our Values… It’s a simple standard that drives our business dealings. We know how we like to be treated, so we conduct ourselves in the same way in dealing with you.

Frequently Asked Questions… PEET® Dryers and accessories are very easy to use, but we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Operating Instructions… If you can’t locate the printed Operating Instructions that came packed with your PEET Dryer, then refer to these.

PEET Dryer Glossary… Learn more about PEET Dryer features and benefits.

Where to Buy… PEET products are available at retail stores coast-to-coast, as well as on the Internet with several fine e-tailers.

The PEET Dry Warranty… Every product we sell comes with our assurance that it will perform admirably for you. There are no disclaimers in fine print. If you use our products in the manner they are intended and there’s any problem, we resolve it.

Register Your PEET Dryer… Take a few minutes to register your PEET Dryer.  And please help us out -- we’d like to know a little about you so we can continue to serve your needs even better in the future.

Share Your PEET Dryer Story… Everybody here really enjoys hearing from you. Just like you, we work hard, and are proud of the products we purvey. It feels good to hear people tell us about their favorite PEET Dry experiences.

Tell a Friend about PEET… We’re still a small company, but have grown to sell millions of PEET Dryers because the people who try our products love our products, and tell their friends. It’s people like you who spread the word about PEET, sharing that great PEET Dry feeling with their family and friends. Tell a friend about PEET Dryers today!


The Original PEET® Dryer — still our best-selling model — dries gear naturally, with gentle, thermal convection.
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